Senior Phase (S4-6)

Our learners will have many talents, needs and abilities and will develop skills and knowledge as they progress through Carronhill School. 

As part of our focus on Getting It Right For Every Child, we believe parents, all professionals, school and, most importantly, the learner should play an active part in creating a tailored senior phase curriculum that works to equip the learner for life. 

We understand that every learner at Carronhill is unique and therefore in S3 we will meet with all professionals, parents/carers and staff who play an important part of the learner’s development and formulate a three year, constantly revising, curriculum.  

The curriculum will focus on the skills and attitudes needed to be successful in life beyond Carronhill. The main areas of focus may be:

At Carronhill we believe in developing the skills of the learner and if they are ready to achieve accreditation, putting them forward for national qualifications. We do not try and make the learner fit the qualification. 

Accreditations that a learner may be working towards include Hi5 Award (SCQF Level 2) || Awards Network and Scottish Qualifications Authority – National 1 and 2