Positive Post School Destinations

Growing up and leaving school

Learners grow up fast and their time at Carronhill School is coming to an end, it is time to think about their next positive destination.

What is a Positive Post School Destination?

This term covers just about everything!

It can range from work, college, day centre support, residential support, respite care and everything else in-between.

So what happens?

As part of the transition to a positive destination, the school will arrange a Multi Agency Meeting with you and the professionals that have supported you throughout your child’s life. This normally happens at the beginning of the session. It should be noted that your child can move to a positive post school destination from S5 onwards, dependent on their needs and the facilities available.

During this meeting we will discuss possible options but understand that this is just the beginning of the process. An assessment of need will be carried out after this meeting by your child’s new Social Worker for Adult Services.

What can I do?

Whilst the ball gets rolling, parents are encouraged to have a look at some of the destinations below. They may want to make contact and go and visit them to see what the facilities are like. School may be able to support in this or the learner’s social worker may accompany parents for moral support. We know that this is a huge change to family life and we are here each step of the way.

Experiences…. experiences… experiences.

In some situations we may provide experiences of post school destinations by having learning opportunities in them. This might involve college courses during school time, work experience or visits to some day centres. It should be noted that this is an experience of the types of places and not a confirmation of the placement being accepted.

When a destination is confirmed what happens?

After Social Work (Adult Services) have finished their assessment and funding has been granted we will arrange another Multi Agency Meeting and invite along the provider of the destination.

We can step in and start to arrange supported visits to the Positive Post School destination as part of school time. It is all about your child and we want to make things as comfortable as possible.

With some pupils, we will start to increase the days and before you know it they have transitioned and are waving farewell to Carronhill. Often the staff and parents are the ones with a tear in their eye….. the pupils just don’t look back.

Forest View

Forest View

We support you to be as independent as possible through knowledge, improving skills and building confidence. For many, this means moving on to community based opportunities, employment, further education and social groups. For those with more complex needs, our day service offers help with everyday skills, mobility support, sensory experiences, rebound therapy, leisure activities and personalised support.


Dundee & Angus College

We want to provide all of our learners with the very best learning experience in an atmosphere of respect and support. We want to help you succeed in your course, and we want to see you progress in your chosen career.



Young people need to have the chance to find themselves and find their place in the world. Those with Learning Support Needs are no different in this respect.


Camphill Scotland

Camphill provides sector leading care services for people with learning disabilities and other support needs. We cater for children, adults and older people through day care, residential care services and schools.


Cairnlee (Camphill)

Home is where the heart is. In Camphill we know about the sense of security and belonging that is generated through a nurturing family life.

Scolty Centre

Milltown Community Day Workshop

Milltown Day Workshop was set up in 1996 to provide practical work activities for local people with a range of disabilities.

Social Work (Adult Services)

Milltown of Arbuthnott Community (Residential)

Milltown community is a small dynamic community set in the Arbuthnott countryside.

North East Scotland College

North East Scotland College

Valuing the experience and talent of all
Treating others with dignity and respect
Creating an accessible, inclusive learning and working environment
Being fair, open and transparent to ensure a culture of mutual trust and integrity

Shared Lives Scheme

Shared Lives Scheme

The Shared Lives Scheme matches people over 16 years of age who have a disability or older people with someone who shares the same interests.

Social Work (Adult Services)

Social Work (Adult) Services

To find out more information about Social Work (Adult) Services call your local Community Care or Community Learning Disability Service office.

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